Guide for Travellers who come to Salalah on cruise ships

Guide gir travellers who come to Salalah on cruise ships

Tourists from diverse nations come to the ports in Oman on cruise ships. They travel here to view the beauty and learn about the history, customs, and culture. They take advantage of the natural features of the various Salalah locations. Mountains with several fascinating holes and beautiful wadis extend across the area. A variety of palm trees also produces the country’s well-known dates. Salalah is the ideal getaway for all nature lovers, whether travellers wish to walk, hunt for adventures, or just rest. The visitors take pleasure in cultural activities and leave with lovely recollections of their trip. 

The efforts of the Ministry of Tourism and joint efforts with Salalah Port, and cruise agents to position Salalah port as a major port draw significant tourist cruise ships to visit Dhofar governorate. The movement of tourist cruise ships coming to Salalah port is expected to see a massive increase. Here you will get a complete guide for travellers who come to Salalah on cruise ships and make their trip memorable. From cruise terminals to shopping places, everything will be discussed in detail. Let’s dive into detailed discussion:

Does Salalah have a Cruise Terminal?

Salalah Port is an unattractive harbour where workboats and containers frequently travel back and forth. No cruise terminal directly takes you to Salalah. The container port outside the city is where cruise ships dock. It is a desert industrial area. Since it’s against the law to walk around container terminals, shuttles transport you to the port’s exit. They have very professional services for travellers who come to visit Salalah on cruise ships.

Cruise lines offer a shuttle service to the port’s entrance, from where you may take a taxi into Salalah’s much more attractive downtown area. The employees of your ship will give you an admission card when you depart. As you board later in the day, you must return this card. It would help if you used a taxi to get to the city since it is too far to walk. The trip takes roughly 15 minutes to get to the beautiful city. The price is negotiated because they are not metered. Drivers of taxis can accept US money.

Who even cruises to Salalah?

With frequent appearances on world cruise itineraries and repositioning voyages between Asia and Europe, Salalah is a well-liked port of call on winter cruises. Many westbound cruises from Dubai frequently stop there. As part of the tour program, passengers from different countries are on board, travelling to various global ports. The cruise ship’s guests’ tourism itinerary includes visits to important archaeological and historic sites in the Governorate of Dhofar and beaches and local markets in Salalah.

Additionally, the Ministry has run cooperative marketing efforts with cruise lines. When cruise ships dock in Omani ports, the Ministry greets them with open arms. This is being done to maintain its relationships with the cruise shipping industry. The cruise ship industry benefits other industries indirectly, as well as the tourism industry directly. The movement of cruise ships also benefits the local communities.

In terms of payments for the visit and Sultanate port procedures, these ships contribute to the Sultanate’s economy in general and the Dhofar governorate in particular. This all occurs in the travel and tourism businesses, taxi drivers, and the costs incurred by visitors at the craft studios, souks, restaurants, etc. This is how the governorate’s goal of reviving the economy and trade was accomplished.

Is Salalah Worth Visiting During a Cruise Trip?

Since cruise ships dock in Salalah port to allow visitors to explore the governorate’s many regions, the cruise ship industry experiences significant growth during the winter tourist season. Tourists find a lot of places to make their visit memorable. Shuttle buses will be waiting to transport tourists to the port gate outside the ship. It will take around five minutes and cover about two kilometres. The buses can become full, and the air conditioner is frequently off due to the refreshing air of Salalah. Once tourists exit the shuttle bus, many taxis will be waiting for them at a parking area outside the gate served by a city bus.

● Places to Visit in Salalah

Tourists explore the natural splendours of Salalah and the rich historical past of the land of frankincense. Cruise Tourists go to a castle in Taqah Village, where they can see the old-fashioned decor and arrangements of the governor’s house. After that, travel to Wadi Darbat to see the breathtaking escarpment and seasonal waterfalls.

You will be astounded by the valley’s luxuriant greenery and the Darbat River’s blue waters, which are alive with little fish. There are camel herds that you can view grazing beside the river flow and take pictures of them. In the museum, you may learn more about this port city’s famous past and its frankincense trade.

● Do you need Tour Guide?

If you want to visit off-the-beaten-path destinations, you can get the help of a tourist company that will be much less than ship tours. You can get their services to know about the places and their historical importance, or you have the option to go to different locations with the help of taxi drivers.

After visiting your desired places, the taxi driver will drop you off at the same parking lot they picked you up, and you’ll take a shuttle bus back to the ship. There is no need to show a passport, and you can keep passports on the ship the entire time of the Salalah visit.

Overall, Salalah, Oman, is a worthwhile port that you can say can’t-miss stop during cruise tours. Get off the boat and adventure into this city to enjoy the natural beauty and a lot of historical places.

Whаt to buy ( souvenirs)?

The city is a well-liked tourist attraction because of its stunning scenery and fantastic weather. Salalah’s shopping options are expanding with the development of new shopping malls and commercial centers. Salalah is a fantastic tourist destination thanks to the incredible selection of traditional Arabian goods. Prepare yourself for a relaxing trip while shopping in this amazing city. Salalah, renowned for having a rich cultural legacy, is home to several historic souks.

Visitors are always made to feel at home here. You may taste Oman’s traditional culture while shopping in Salalah. These items, which have been used locally for a long time, are ideal for making your vacation special. Many famous points are rich in culture and offer a variety of products to visitors. Here we are discussing some of the famous places for shopping during your visit to Salalah. Let’s discuss them in detail:

1. Salalah’s Al Hafah Souq

The Hafah souq, which is picturesquely bordered by tall coconut trees in the Dhofar Governorate and is about three kilometers from Salalah, is the ideal location to purchase the area’s well-known frankincense and incense. Additionally, there are textile stores, jewelry and silver shops, and perfumeries nearby where you can purchase frankincense and bakhoor to make your sense of smell soar. There are charcoal and burners available in addition to all the accessories. The souq resembles an old-style Omani souq and should be noticed.

It is a historic market in Salalah, the southernmost and biggest city in Oman. Al-Hasan soup, one of the primary tourist shopping locations by market standards, is where you can begin. You can get through it in less than an hour if you are not a big shopper. The main products for sale included frankincense perfume, apparel, and the typical tourist trinkets that can be purchased in every port.

2. Gold Souk, Salalah

A single street known as Gold Souk Salalah is well known for its sales of gold and silver goods. The street is 127 meters long, with shops on both sides. The traditional Omani dagger (khanjar), walking sticks, ancient jewellery, and gold and silver ornaments can all be found in the souk. More than 20 of the establishments are air-conditioned. The Salalah Gold Souq is situated next to As Salam Street at the intersection with Al Nahdah Street. Turn toward the west from the signal to find the gold merchants.

There is an archway leading into the Gold Market. The market’s Arabic and English names are mentioned on the white-colored arch. To buy gold and silver jewelry, you must visit this souk. They have a variety of traditional and latest designs that attract visitors from all over the world.

3. Salalah Gardens Mall (Salalah Mall)

Salalah Gardens Mall is the first contemporary shopping centre in Salalah and the Dhofar Governorate. It used to be the biggest mall as well. A vast planted garden is visible from the mall’s design, a contemporary version of traditional Omani architecture. The most popular store at Salalah Gardens Mall is Carrefour Hypermarket, the only and biggest Carrefour location in Salalah and the Dhofar Governorate.

Leading multinational brands have their headquarters in this mall on Ar Rubat Street. Along with the brands, the mall houses Salalah’s lone Carrefour Hypermarket. If you need anything branded, you can visit this mall.

4. Daiso Salalah Souq

In Salalah’s Al Muntaza Street, next to the Sultan Qaboos Masjid and the Gold Souk, there is a prominent Japanese retail brand called Daiso. Three things make Daiso strong: quality, variety, and uniqueness. Daiso Salalah sells a variety of accessories as well as goods for the home, yard, office, and travel. Due to their vibrant colors and eye-catching packaging, all of the items are striking. If you want original Japanese things, you must visit this souq to get all types of items.

Most goods are readily available. Even the instructions for new goods that really assist you at home now come in English. A great location to find what creative individuals need. While in Salalah, you must stop by the Daiso store because its products are distinctive and can’t be found in other stores in Oman.

5. Shop Ya Balash

Yabalash, often spelled Ya Balash, is a store where everything is offered at a discount. All products have a starting price of 200 baiza. There are two Yabalash stores in Salalah, which are perfectly situated to serve locals and visitors. One is on the city’s western edge, in the Sanaya neighbourhood close to the Salalah Airport and Awqad.

The second one, known as Ya Balash Plus, is located on the opposite side of the city. If you are low on budget and want to get different types of items, this place will be best for you. Available all kinds of Daily Necessary items and Gift Items. You will have a good experience with high-quality products at low prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to show a passport to visit Salalah during the Cruise tour?

There is no need to show a passport, and you can keep passports on the ship the entire time of the Salalah visit.

Is it safe to visit Salalah during the Cruise tour?

Off-course, Salalah is a very safe place for tourists. Not just in Arabia and the Middle East, it’s a really distinctive location on the entire planet. The brand-new Marine and Frankincense Museum is excellent. From taxi drivers to shopkeepers, they are very supportive and welcoming.

Is Salalah worth a visit during the Cruise trip?

Deserts, beaches, mountains, waterfalls, springs, and caves are all present in Salalah. This place is worth visiting during the Khareef festival, where the whole city turns green and attracts visitors from around the world.

What are 3 Recommendations for Cruise Tourists at Salalah?

  1. Before entering historical places, get complete details about their timing and dress code.
  2. To buy souvenirs for your loved ones must visit Salalah’s Al Hafah Souq
  3. You can bargain with taxi drivers for a full-day tour of the historical places of Salalah.

How to dress on the Salalah tour?

For Women: Shirts made of any natural fabric look attractive and do their job of covering your shoulders. Maintaining a loose fit in your clothing will keep you cooler and avoid unwanted attention.

For Men: Men are barred from wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts in public places like shopping malls, beaches, public roads, etc.

What are the benefits of cruise tourism?

  • Cruise tourism helps to Visit off-the-beaten-path destinations.
  • Every ship has a shore excursion desk and destination experts available for questions.
  • You will get amazing places to visit. Onboard activity options keep your transit days fun.