Where to Stay in Salalah? The Best Lodgings in Your Budget.

Where to Stay in Salalah? The Best Lodgings in Your Budget.

The most important aspect of Salalah tours is where to stay. Without suitable accommodation, your trip is likely to take a hit. Salalah offers a range of lodging options, and your budget will dictate the best choice for you.

Budget-friendly lodgings in Salalah

If you’re searching for cheap tours in Salalah, it’s advisable not to visit during khareef, the peak tourist season. Due to high demand, hotels are booked near full capacity. You have to pay high rentals to book a room. 

That being said, the city center offers the most budget-friendly accommodations. The resorts are spread around the coast to the east and west. You should check out Grand Flora Hotel, Evan Hotel, and Star Emirates Downtown.

Moderately priced lodgings in Salalah

In Salalah, you can easily find nice lodgings without breaking the bank. Atana Stay Salalah, Millennium Resort Salalah, Belad Bont Resort, Intercity Hotel Salalah by Deutsche Hospitality, and Salalah Royal Hotel Suites are good lodging options and are not too expensive.

Best hotels and resorts in Salalah 

If you prize luxury above all else, Salalah has much to offer. There are plenty of the best hotels and resorts in Salalah. They have private beaches and much more. Crowne Plaza Resort Salalah, Salalah Rotana Resort, Souly Ecolodge Salalah, and Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara offer premium stay arrangements.

Top-notch Salalah Campsites

If you love camping and looking for the best outdoor options, you will find numerous places to settle in Salalah. Dhofar, in general, and Salalah, in particular, offer countless camping opportunities. 

We have spent a couple of weeks camping in the region. The hotspots include Fazayah Beach, Wadi Darbat, Wadi Uyun, Rub al Khali, Wadi Suneik, and Wadi Ash Shuwaymiyyah. 

Dhofar has a rich landscape, making it an attractive destination for campers. You find deserts, wadis, beaches, and refreshing mountainous regions there. You can fix your camp on your favorite landscape. 

The only caution is that camping is not suitable in the monsoon season. The winds are high, the ground is wet, and bugs can make life extremely difficult.